PATHASHALA ”MySecond Home” Is a primary school with a
Podar International group started in 2016.

Why Podar?

Established in 1927, the Podar Group is one of the most established school brands in India. Podar is among the fastest growing school networks in the country today and has 85 owned Podar schools and combined student strength of more than 90,000. In addition to the owned schools, the Podar Group has more than 10 years of experience in the Franchise sector.

The key reasons for the success that Podar schools have achieved are its structured curriculum, focus on technology, and strong commitment to delivering quality education with integrity.

There are several advantages of being a part of the Podar family:

  • Be a part of a brand that has been in the field of education for 88 years.
  • Father Of The Nation Shree Mahatma Gandhi  was the first president of the Anandilal Podar Group.
  • Extensive academic support will be given to the schools as we will provide them with our research based curriculum and detailed lesson plans, which is continuously updated by our academic team at the corporate office.
  • Extensive and personalised support from an established educational brand resulting in a higher success rate.
  • Teacher’s guidelines for curricular and extracurricular activities will be provided.
  • Extensive word of mouth publicity will be generated through our already existing schools.

Our  Core Values

Students First Organization, programs, and policies are based on student needs. Our responsibility is to prepare students for Life, University and Career.

Teachers are the Key Our faculty provides “total education” to our students, which extends beyond the Class room to include social, moral, and emotional growth.

Leadership with Inspiration Inspiration is the best motivator to educate our teenagers. Faculty and administrators are energetic, outgoing, and caring individuals who know how to lead young people.

Management with Purpose The management of the school is caring and efficient. It sets higher goals for itself and earnestly endeavours to achieve them.

IT Systems for Support Latest computer systems and programs, support the basic efforts of the school in providing infrastructure for excellence in educational and other knowledge spreading activities.

Continuous Improvement As the world changes, so must PATHASHALA School. The Management of the School is dedicated towards ensuring that the curriculum, teaching methods and the infrastructure are upgraded and are kept up-to-date, to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in the education field.